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If you’re part of an owner’s committee for a set of apartments or a commercial building, you have probably sought the services of a strata maintenance company.

As with any other service, you need to do your homework. Finding the best strata management service isn’t just about cost. You need to get the most value for money.

Ensuring the management service is both cost effective and efficient is the most important factor.


What makes a great strata management company?


Strata management requires a wide understanding of the regulations for strata buildings as well as an understanding of cleaning, gardening, maintenance as well as pest control, swimming pool maintenance, budgeting, repairs and tradespeople and more.

Finding the right strata management service can ultimately save you in time and money. Getting it wrong could end up costing you.

To achieve a high-quality result you’ll need the services of an experienced and  professional strata manager service.

An experienced strata manager will ensure everything is taken care of.


What makes a good strata manager?


Strata management can include:


  • understanding and keeping within budget
  • arranging meetings with stakeholders
  • collect and bank strata levies
  • arranging all kinds of property maintenance and tradespeople
  • advising on asset management
  • arranging building insurance
  • keep financial accounts for the building
  • prepare financial statements
  • distribute financial statements among stakeholders
  • prepare budgets

What if I want to change my strata manager?

1. First check your agency agreement with your current service. Many reputable strata managers won’t lock you into long term contracts (Fab Sydney Strata Cleaning don’t have lock in contracts).

2. If your agreement allows you to change, make sure you do your due diligence and research potential strata managers.

3. Organise a meeting of the body corporate, owner’s corporation and relevant stakeholders.

4. Pass the motion to change managers and approve the new manager and agreement.

5. Onboard the new strata manager by providing all the necessary information, keys and paperwork that they will need to properly manage the building.

What makes a good strata manager?


A top strata manager will be easy to contact and friendly. They need to be easy to deal with and capable of working both independently and in a team.

Strata management requires good organisational skills. They will need to arrange and possibly run meetings to ensure the smooth operation of your strata building.


Do you need a strata manager?

While there is absolutely no legal requirement for you to engage the services of a strata manager, it certainly does make life easier.

When dealing with groups of owners and members of owners’ corporations, it can be a lot less stressful when an experienced strata manager takes on the job of arranging meetings, setting levies and strat fees and dealing with by-laws and strata regulations.