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If you’re part of an owner’s committee for a set of apartments or a commercial building, you have probably sought the services of a strata maintenance company.

As with any other service, you need to do your homework. Finding the best strata maintenance service isn’t about price. It’s about getting the most value for money.

Ensuring you get the most bang for your buck will help your shared building in the long term.


But how do you choose the best strata maintenance company?

A strata maintenance service is very different to a typical domestic or commercial cleaning company. There are unique and important services that are required in a strata building’s common property compared with cleaning the inside of an apartment or office.

Finding the right strata cleaning company will save you a lot of time and money. Getting it wrong can end up being very expensive.

It’s sometimes tempting to put money ahead of other factors, but it’s not the best choice when it comes to strata maintenance. You need cost effcctive and cost efficient services – NOT cheap!

To achieve a high-quality result you’ll need the services of an experienced and  professional strata maintenance service who will care for the property so it is safe and stays within regulations.

When you are offered cleaning services at a rate that is significantly lower than the competitors, it is more than likely due to corners being cut. A truly professional and experienced strata maintenance service will make sure everything is covered such as pest control, bin service & window cleaning.


What makes a good strata maintenance service?


Some of the following services should be included in a quality strata maintenance service’s offerings:


  • liaise with all stakeholders for the efficient running of the building
  • arrange for repairs and appropriate tradespeople to come on site
  • provide contact point on site for trades people
  • manage and maintain safety features such as fire alarm batteries, fire escape lights, external locks
  • ensure the use of appropriate products for various surfaces
  • monitor use of industrial equipment such as high pressure hoses and floor polishers for an expert result
  • maintain all common property areas
  • maintain drive way and car park
  • clean light fittings and change light bulbs and fluorescent lights
  • test and maintain fire and emergency lighting
  • arrange and co ordinate rubbish bin removal and service
  • ensure smooth operation of all strata cleaning and gardening services

What is involved in strata maintenance?

Strata maintenance involves keeping track of all areas of the strata common property areas. Strata maintenance can also include organising for tradespeople to attend for repairs.

  • Maintenance of all common areas
  • Carpark maintenance
  • Graffiti and vandalism cleaning and painting supervision
  • Window and sill maintenance
  • Bin service maintenance
  • Maintain all floors
  • Maintain BBQ and common laundry areas

Create a list of strata maintenance  services and ask each one to provide a list of jobs to be completed as part of their service.


Compare your options, look at the pros and cons of each business. You can see clearly which company will provide the most value with regards your particular needs.


Compare strata maintenance companies

Comparing strata maintenance services is important. Not all strata maintenance companies are the same. A specialist service will know the regulations for strata buildings and will ensure your building is compliant. Your first task is to determine which company will provide the greatest number of tasks that your building requires. Don’t bother with the ones that don’t fit the bill.


Next is to ask how much each company charges. Get an idea of the price range that is being set and then see what suits your budget best. Fab Sydney Strata Cleaners costs are extremely competitive but we also know there is no point in your saving money if the job isn’t done as you want it.

Our rates are both cost effective and cost efficient.

You can check our customer reviews on our website and on Google. Find out what other clients have thought of our services.


Work out a program and price and agree – there are no lock in contracts

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the maintenance services a company will provide (and how much it should cost). Get the best price for yourself and look to develop a long-term relationship with your chosen company.