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If you’re part of an owner’s committee for a set of apartments or even in a commercial building then you have definitely discussed hiring a strata cleaning company.

As with any other service, you need to research. Finding the best strata cleaning company isn’t about going for what’s cheapest. It’s about getting the most value.

Ensuring you get the most bang for your buck will make a world of difference for your shared building in the long run.

So, how do you choose the best strata cleaning company? Let’s get into it.

?Are you in a strata building with an owner’s or body corporate committee that has the responsibility to care for the whole block of apartments or maybe even in a building that is full of offices? If the answer is yes, you will have had to find the services of a top strata cleaning and maintenance service at some time.

A strata cleaning and gardening service is very different to a typical domestic or commercial cleaning company. There are unique and important services that are required in a strata building’s common property compared with cleaning the inside of an apartment or office.

Finding the right strata cleaning company will save you a lot of time and money. Getting it wrong can end up being a very costly mistake.

It’s always tempting to go for money over other factors, but you may not get the results you need.

Getting a high-quality result and ensuring your building not only looks great but is also 100% compliant with strata building regulations, must be the main goal. A professional strata cleaning service will maintain the property so it is safe and stays within regulations.

When you are offered cleaning services at a rate that is significantly lower than the competitors, it is more than likely due to corners being cut. A truly professional and experienced strata maintenance service will charge for all the additional requirements such as pest control, bin service, window cleaning and retaining contractors and other maintenance options.

What makes a good strata cleaner?



Some of the following services should be included in a quality strata cleaning company’s offerings:



  • mop all hard surfaces with appropriate products
  • protect granite, wood, tile, marble and heritage floors by using the correct products for cleaning and maintenance
  • use of industrial equipment such as high pressure hoses and floor polishers for an expert result
  • removal of all litter and debris throughout common property areas
  • clean letter boxes, clean numbers and name plates
  • clean pathways, all stairs, indoor and outdoor walkways
  • drive way and car park maintenance and cleaning
  • clean light fittings and change lightbulbs and fluorescent lighting
  • test and maintain fire and emergency lighting
  • rubbish bin removal and service. Clean and disinfect bins. Green, recycling and rubbish bins.
  • common property window and window sill cleaning.
  • foyer, hall and stairway carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning and steam cleaning all common property areas.
  • maintain grounds and gardens of all property gardens and trees.





Tips to Find the Best Strata Cleaning Company


Tip #1: What is involved in your strata cleaning service?

Firstly, it’s important to understand exactly what you will get for the available budget. It’s important to ask the strata cleaners what tasks are involved in the service that you will be paying for. Common property areas all strata cleaning and maintenance services should cover, include:

  • Cleaning of all common areas
  • Car park cleaning
  • Graffiti and vandalism cleaning and painting over graffiti
  • Window and sill cleaning
  • Rubbish removal – including recycling, rubbish and green waste bins
  • Floors (tile, wooden floorboards, paving, linoleum) and interior surfaces, including windows and doors
  • Kitchens and common laundry areas

Create a list of strata cleaning businesses you have identified and then ask each one to provide a detailed list of jobs that will be completed as part of their service.


From there, compare your options and look at the pros and cons of each business. This way, you can see clearly which company provides the most value with regards your particular needs.


Tip #2: Compare strata cleaning companies

Comparing strata cleaners is important. Not all cleaning companies are the same. A specialist strata cleaning company understands the regulations for strata buildings and will ensure your building is compliant. Your first task is to determine which company will provide the greatest number of tasks that your building requires. Don’t bother with the ones that don’t fit the bill.


Next is to ask how much each company charges. Get an idea of the price range that is being set and then see what suits your budget best. Our costs are extremely competitive but we also know there is no point in your saving money if the job isn’t done as you want it.

Our rates are both cost effective and cost efficient.

You can check our customer reviews on our website and on Google. Find out what other clients have thought of our services.


Tip #3: Negotiate a program and price and agree

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the product and how much it should cost. You’re aware of the service, costs and competitors. Get the best price for yourself and look to develop a long-term relationship with your chosen company.