Eastern Suburbs Strata Services

Strata cleaning, gardening, maintenance and management in the Eastern Suburbs.
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Our Eastern Suburbs strata services cover the entire region. We travel to your building to take care of your strata cleaning, strata gardening, strata building maintenance as well as repairs. Our bin service will take the bins out the night before collection and then return them to their designated space in the building’s common property area. We ensure the bins are cleaned through high pressure hose cleaning and disinfecting.

Our products are green, safe and friendly to the environment. We know how important it is to keep a clean and safe living space. Whether it is for living or working, you deserve to have your common property areas kept clean and safe from toxins and chemicals.

Fab Sydney Strata Cleaners is also aware of the water shortages and where possible, uses bore water. We use water wise and approved nozzles on our hoses and never hose hard surfaces where we can sweep or mop.

We provide strata cleaning, gardening, management and maintenance services in the following areas: