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Common  Questions

What is strata cleaning?

Strata cleaning covers all common areas of a strata property. Thsi includes foyer/entrance, stairways and fire stairs, common laundry, rubbish bin and outdoor common property areas.

What is strata maintenance?

When Fab Sydney Strata Cleaners takes over your strata building’s maintenance, we will ensure that everything in common property areas is kept in good working order. If something does break or need replacement, we will arrange for the appropriate contractor to come and fix or replace whatever is required. This includes lights, air conditioners, plumbing, HVAC, electricals and more.

What about water use?

We are very aware of the drought in NSW and, although we have a water exemption permit, we work very hard to ensure we use the least possible water. This is achieved by using high pressure hoses, water reducing nozzles on general hoses and using alternatives whereever possible. We never use water if there is an alternative.

Do you also do gardening in strata properties?

Yes! We have experienced and qualified gardeners in our team. We will mow your lawns, trim hedges and shrubs, remove weeds, sweep or rake leaves and debris fallen from property plants. We will also water and fertilise the plants in your garden so they look fantastic all year round.

Do you take care of pests and vermin?

Yes! Any part of the strata building’s common property will be checked for pests/vermin and appropriate treatment taken. We regularly spray for cockroaches, ants and other insects. We also ensure there are no upturned pots or vessels that will trap water that encourages mosquito breeding. We also lay rat and other vermin traps and check these regularly to ensure your property is not overrun by pests.

Do you offer a bin service?

Absolutely, we know how hard it is for strata owners to co-ordinate taking bins in and out and we make sure this is done reliably and regularly. Additionally, we will clean and disinfect the bins with our high pressure hose for best results.