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Strata cleaning, gardening, maintenance and management in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.
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Are you searching for the best strata cleaning service in Sydney? Then look no further.

You’ve discovered the Fab Cleaning Team. There is nothing we love more than to make a building look clean, green and fabulous!

We’ll keep your windows, sills, paths, gardens, walls, steps, foyers and all areas that are related to the building and its grounds.

Our rubbish bin service is a weekly service where we put the bins out on the correct day (rubbish, recycling and green bins) and return the next day to bring the bins in. We also keep the bins clean with our high pressure hose system.

If you have a lawn and garden we will keep your lawns trim and take care of the edge, garden beds and paths. We’ll keep your building looking so attractive that anyone would want to live or work in it. Tenants and owners alike will be glad to come to the building and proud to show it off. If it is open for rent or sale of a unit, you will give potential residents and owners the best impression possible. This can also help raise the value of a property.

If you are looking for Sydney strata cleaners who will take care of your commercial strata buildings and residential strata buildings with the absolute highest quality and care, then give us a call on 02 5719 0209.

If you need a strata cleaning service, then get in touch with the Fab Sydney Strata Cleaners.

We provide strata cleaning, gardening, management and maintenance services in the following areas:


Strata Cleaning & Gardening Services We Offer:

– window cleaning

– graffiti cleaning, painting

– gutter cleaning

– pathway cleaning

– foyer, entrance and stairway carpet cleaning

– laundry tidy and cleanup. Remove drier dust

– clean and wipe letterboxes


– rubbish bin service. Put in and out weekly.

– rubbish bin cleaning and disinfecting. High pressure hose cleaning.

– clear debris from all areas including fire stairs, paths, courtyards and gardens

– check and maintain all light globes throughout the property

– remove green waste from property

– lawn mowing

– edge trimming

– hedge and shrub trimming

– whipper snipping

– remove cobwebs

– maintain pest control including safe rat baits and control and cockroach and ant control

– check all pests and control any issues

Our Sydney Strata Cleaners Use Only Safe and Green Cleaning Products